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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

ACLU Supports Disrespect of Fallen Soldiers

Sometimes you would think that common sense would prevail, but not so with protestors nor with the ACLU when it comes to protesting at, of all places, Soldier's Funerals.

A Soldier's Funeral, any funeral for that matter, is a private time, a place to grieve the dead and the fallen. The families that are there have just had their hearts ripped out, their bodies wracked with grief, as they put a loved one to rest.

I can sympathize greatly with them as I lost my father just last year to cancer, and while this is not exactly the same as a Soldier's Funeral, it is a loss of a loved one regardless. I can tell you how angry I would feel if these so called 'protestors' came up and began shouting and protesting at my father's funeral.

I would be furious beyond words.

For those that have not had a close loved one be taken from you, let me clue you in. It hits you differently each time, some shatter when seeing the loved one in an open casket, others when seeing the casket being lowered in to the ground. When your saying goodbye for the final time, the last thing you want is disruption and idiocy surrounding such a somber occasion. Many are already angry and hurt, and all you do is throw gasoline on that burning fire. Playing with fire is very dangerous, and grief stricken family members are bonfire of emotions, from sadness to fist-clenching anger, at having a loved one taken from them.

One of these times, that anger will be turned on you.

I know from my own experience, for I was angry and trying to keep the emotions from spilling over made it worse as I bottled it up. Seeing you protest and disrupting my father's funeral, you would be damn lucky if I didn't rip the signs from your hands and shove them up your a**.

Common sense should prevail, and we should not have to have Laws and Regulations to govern how we act at all times, but it seems in this case we do, since some people do not possess common sense.

ACLU Challenges Ky. Funeral Protest Law

Portions of a new Kentucky law intended to prevent protesters from disrupting funerals for soldiers killed in Iraq are unconstitutional, the American Civil Liberties Union said in a federal lawsuit filed Monday.

The ACLU argues that sections of the law go too far in limiting freedom of speech and expression.

Members of the Topeka, Kan.-based Westboro Baptist Church have protested at military funerals in several states. The church claims the soldiers' deaths are a sign of God punishing America for tolerating homosexuality.

The new law, signed by Gov. Ernie Fletcher in March, bans protests within 300 feet of memorial services, wakes and burials. Violators can be charged with first-degree disorderly conduct, punishable by up to a year in jail.

But it is so broad that people could unknowingly violate it by stopping to chat on a public sidewalk near a funeral home, Lili S. Lutgens, an ACLU attorney in Louisville. It also could prevent pro- military groups from participating in counter-protests outside memorial services, she said.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Bart McQueary, a Kentucky man who has protested alongside the church members on three occasions. McQueary had no listed telephone number and couldn't be reached for comment. The ACLU has asked U.S. District Judge Karen Caldwell to grant a preliminary injunction to allow the protests to continue.

The governor hasn't yet seen the lawsuit, said Fletcher spokesman Brett Hall.

However, Hall said mourning families deserve privacy.

"The public should respect their dignity in a very difficult time," he said. "That's why this law was passed. It's inconceivable why anyone would want to protest at a military funeral while family members are there."


The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) used to stand for something good.

It used to.

I am seeing more and more garbage coming from the ACLU, foolishness and disrespect. It is not a matter of defending civil liberties here, it is common sense.

We allow protests everywhere else, why should we allow it at a time of our most private grief?

Why should we allow you to scream profanities and demean those taken from us at a time when we are saying goodbye?

Isn't this Hate speech?
Should such Hate be allowed at a time of private grief?
I will defend your Right to make an ass out of yourself anywhere else, but not as I lay a loved one down to rest....

The ACLU is wrong on this, and I find them ignorant and disrespectful when they support assinine protestors who want to try and get themselves killed by mocking and demeaning a loved one as we say goodbye.

Thank God for people like this:

Patriot Riders, rough and tough looking, these Riders know RESPECT, and have far more honor than all those protestors put together.

Thank you Patriot Guard Riders.
[Editted to correct name, noted by Paula Stein in comments - sanity]

Your efforts should not be needed if common sense was born to these protestors, but since they don't seem to have any good sense, I applaud and encourage your help when dealing with these idiots.

Your respect is touching and does my heart good to see it, especially when there seems so little respect for anything in today's society.

Thank you.

In every city they should have a law that you need a permit to protest, and that permit cannot be obtained if it is to protest a funeral. This is my opinion.

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