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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Rush Limbaugh Detained But Not Charged

How the media is reacting, I would have thought Customs made the biggest drug bust in history...

Cocaine? Heroine? Meth?


Viagra, with ONE pill missing out of the bottle.

As much hatred as there is for Rush Limbaugh out in the media and among Liberals, it is not a wonder this is being splashed all over the place.

I felt the need to post on this, not because I feel I need to defend him, that isn't my job and he has no need of defending, but I think there are some things that need to be set straight on.

First and foremost, what is most disturbing is he was detained for a prescription of Viagra that was in his doctors name (for purposes of protecting his privacy and because of the embarrassing nature of having such in the media), that isn't the disturbing part though....

What is disturbing is that this was "leaked" out to the media even before he made it out of customs. Which the way that looks, is either the police or the custom agents involved leaked it to the media.

Another thing that was pointed out was that his (Rush) was the only bags searched (not his luggage but only his briefcase and a small white bag), which in itself should not be a problem, but how it was handled seems to be crude and made to embarrass him. (I am going on what he has said on how the search was conducted, the actions and the attitude of the searching agent).

I had this bottle of Viagra in my briefcase. I've had it in there since December. I forgot it was even in there. There were 30 pills prescribed, and when they counted them out, there were 29 -- and yet, everybody thinks I loaded up on the stuff for a trip to the Dominican Republic, and that's what everybody was saying. "Wow, what went on in the Dominican Republic? Oh! (muttering)." In fact, when I cleared Customs there was this... I'm going to be very restrained in describing the agent but... I'll save that for another time. Anyway, I pointed out I have a briefcase that's got many different zippers. It's not a top that closes over a bottom. It's this thing that stands up; it's got side pockets and all that, and I opened the primary compartment where most of the things in the briefcase are, just to be cooperative, and she reaches in there, pulls out this bottle, says, "What have we here?" There are twenty-five people in the room. "What have we here? Viagra!" she shouts, "and look, it's not your name on the bottle! This is a crime! This is a violation of law!"

She's shouting this all over the Customs Office, and the whole room has come to a dead stop, and she races behind some closed door to her supervisor.

Rush Transcript Link

Is this normal behaviour for a customs agent?
She didn't even question him at this point, but announced to one and all he was guilty of a crime, without investigating further - something which her supervisor did AFTERWARDS.

The supevisor comes out to finish in what seems to be alot more professional manner, but what isn't said is what the loud, female custom agent was doing after she ran behind closed doors and the superviser took over. This is purely speculation, but could she have been notifying the media? Again, that is just speculation.

After all that, and how he was treated, we come to find he will not be charged:

The State Attorney's Office said today that it will not file charges against conservative talk-show host Rush Limbaugh for possessing a bottle of Viagra prescribed to his doctor.

Limbaugh was detained for more than three hours last week at Palm Beach International Airport after customs agents found the pills in his luggage.

Chief Assistant State Attorney Paul H. Zacks wrote in memo that Dr. Steven Strumwasser agreed to have his name on the label to avoid "potentially embarrassing publicity" for Limbaugh.


"Thus, the medication contained in the subject pill bottle was legitimately prescribed to the suspect by his physician," Zacks wrote in the memo.


All completely legal, imagine that.

Though I do think that Rush should have had some sort of doctors note the explained the situation, so something like this could have been prevented. After the original customs agent went off on the 'he is guity, see everyone, an illegal drug' type rant, and the supervisor took over, Rush could have been saved hours of hardship if he had a doctors note that explained why the prescription was in the doctors name and not Rush's name.

SO as it stands, we have a prescription of Viagra in Rush's doctors name, not Rush's, for Privacy reasons (completely legal, as it turns out)....

It was a bottle of 30, and there were 29 left in it from Decemeber, approximately 6 months ago.

Yet, there are many that are saying Rush went down to the Dominican Republic for some wild time (remember, 1 pill out 30 was used in 6 months), and some are painting him as some crazed man out for sexual romps blasting through bottles of Viagra.

Completely rediculous.

Memorandum from the Office of the State Attorney for Palm Beach County can be seen at The Smoking Gun.

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