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Sunday, February 19, 2006

What if the Media treated Al Gore like Cheney

Reading Tom Bevan's post on A Tale of Two Vice Presidents, gave me the idea of what would happen if we substitute the wild conspiracy theories of the Liberal Media on Al Gore's Trip to Saudi Arabia.....

On Sunday at a major international economic forum in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Gore decried the treatment of Arabs in the United States after Sept. 11, telling the crowd that many had been "indiscriminately rounded up" and "held in conditions that were just unforgivable." Gore criticized America's current visa policy as "thoughtless" and "a mistake" and then apologized for the "terrible abuses" Arabs have suffered in America since 9/11.

What consiracy theories could we come up with?

Was Al gore Drunk?
I don't know but I have seen people that mean when they get drunk, and he definately seems angry all the time. Could he have a drinking problem?

Al Gore was normally so mellow during his campaign, now he seems so irritated and angry all the time. Could he be doing concaine?

Could he be on drugs and now be off them?
Is it possible Al Gore was on Ritalin and not taking his medications at the time he spoke in Saidi Arabia?

Of course when people are no longer drinking, and they have been drunks for a long time, they go through the DTs and become very irritable and angry at everyone.

Could Al Gore be going through a drying out stage from him being drunk all the time?

Now these are the type of things the media seems to be going round and round with on Vice President Cheney.

Can you imagine this being said about Al Gore?

On a serious note though, former Vice President Gore has not even visited Guantanomo where the prisoners eat better than the troops who guard them.

Indiscriminately rounded up?
They were caught on the field of battle, or in raids on terrorists bases, or firing on US soldiers. Indescriminate my ass.

They are held in conditions that were unforgivable?
AL, AL, AL....can I call you AL?

You really should go SEE how these prisoners are treated and are being held before you open your mouth.

These prisoners you support are prisoners caught and detained in acts of terrorism, firing on US troops. Not picking any bearded Muslim off the street and taking him prisoner like you seem to suggest.

These prisoners are also ones who fling feces and urine at our troops who guard them. Where is your condemation of that? Where is your support of our troops AL?

But Gore's remarks set a new standard. Gore is the former vice president of the United States and one of the most recognizable American political figures in the world. His accusation of the "indiscriminate" abuse of Arabs in the United States is disgracefully irresponsible not only because it is a grotesque misrepresentation of fact but because it was delivered in the country that is the epicenter of extremist Wahabbism, and the home of Osama bin Laden as well as 15 of the 19 hijackers responsible for killing more than 3,000 innocent Americans 41/2 years ago.

Why would you go to the home of of those who hold us in contempt and stir up more hatred for the US AL? I can still call you AL, right?

Why would you increase the dangers our US troops abroad face from angry extremist Muslims AL?

Why would you increase the chances of kidnapping and torture of our US citizens that travel abroad by angry extremists Muslims AL?

Why do you hate America and its citizens by putting them in increased danger AL?

Did Gore really think his comments were beneficial to the United States of America?

Was he putting the interests of his country first?

Did he believe making an exaggerated claim of U.S. abuse of Muslims and then apologizing for it on Middle Eastern soil would somehow help build goodwill for the United States in the Islamic world?

AL, do you really think you made us safer with going into the hornets nest and whacking it a few times?

Do you think by putting your feet on Arab soil and looking back and giving the finger to the US, then snickering with your hosts of Muslims would be anything but egotistical self-grandizing on your part?

AL are you looking for donations from them? Could this be a reason why you are sucking up to them and trashing the US?

There has to be another calculation involved -- namely, that Gore was trying to build goodwill for himself (both in the Muslim world and with crucial constituencies at home) by claiming rampant abuse of Muslims in America and then offering a personal apology. Simply put, Gore took the opportunity to make himself look good by making his country look bad.

Tell me it ain't so AL....
Tell me you did not besmirch the US, burn a US flag with your words, just to make yourself look better to the Arab Muslims.

AL, you do realize that extreme Muslims will laugh at your remarks, use it to incite more Muslim hatred for the US and its allies, and then will gladly saw your head off?

AL, do you realize that if you are not a believer in Islam that you are nothing to them? You are the enemy to them.

And what about the substance of what Gore said on America's current visa policy? Last month he ripped the Bush administration over a program designed to eavesdrop on conversations between suspected terrorists overseas and persons in the United States. Now Gore bemoans the tighter restrictions placed on visitors traveling to the United States from countries that have a higher likelihood of producing terrorists.

Gore is against eavesdropping on potential terrorist communications and he's against tighter screens for visitors originating from Islamic countries. So exactly what would America's national security policy look like under a Gore administration?

Is this true AL?
Do you wish to make it easier for terrorists to attack us?

You are against eavesdropping on suspected terorists? Tell me AL, are terrorist rights protected under our US Constitution? Do they have any rights?

AL do you want to give these terroists rights?

AL, supposedly you are an American Citizen. Are you not worried that if we decrease security, make things easier for Middle Eastern or other immigrants coming into this country, that we would be allowing ourselves to become an easier target to be attacked?

I don't think I want to call you AL anymore, FORMER Vice President.
I really do not think you have mine, and other US citizens best interest at heart anymore.

If you go back over there to trash the US again, please stay there, and someone in the US please revoke his damn passport.