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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Irresponsible Journalism

Sister Toldjah has a nice take on what Townhall columnist W. Thomas Smith, Jr. has written while also mentioning what Jack Kelly on the same page slams the mainstream media for their oftentimes inaccuate and/or incomplete reporting of war on terror-related stories.

It is about time people start realizing what they write and what they say can and will be used as enemy propaganda and as warnings and corrections to what the enemy has planned.

This is an example:

Earlier this year, a newspaper published details of a new anti- IED technology that was being developed. Within five days of the publication, using details from that article, the enemy had posted instructions for defeating this new technology on the Internet.

Like the Blogs are doing, the media will also have to monitor themselves.
It is too bad that some in the media can't seem to see past thier own bias to see how thier actions affect our country and our troops.

And then there is Hollywood, the glitz and glamour, forever stuck on stupid.
Thinking that THEY know what is best for our country and the world.
If they continue to put out propagada pieces and political hit-piece movies they will contine to see a drop in movie sales, and thier million dollar salaries will soon disappear. Lavish life styles, big multi-million dollar houses, expensive cars, glitzy lives....what will they have when it is all gone?

Do you really think if box office turn out keeps dropping that they will continue to be sought after?

Still get paid millions to star in movies that are garbage?