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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Is Sean Penn a Dangerous Person?

Something has been really bothering me since I read the below article:

Hollywood activist SEAN PENN has a plastic doll of conservative US columnist ANN COULTER that he likes to abuse when angry. The Oscar-winner actor has hated Coulter ever since she blacklisted his director father LEO PENN in her book TREASON. And he takes out his frustrations with Coulter, who is a best-selling author, lawyer and television pundit, on the Barble-like doll. In an interview with The New Yorker magazine, Penn reveals, "We violate her. There are cigarette burns in some funny places. She's a pure snake-oil salesman. She doesn't believe a word she says."

Hat Tip:

Something seems very wrong that a grown man is playing with Barbie Dolls in the first place, but is worse and more disturbing is the physical abuse, violation and burning in "interesting places" which I assume to be sexual private areas.

This is very disturbing to me, not because it is some sort of Ann Couter doll, but because of the gratification he seems to derive from the exact nature of the type of abuse he acts out on the doll and image of Ann Coulter.

Sexual assault is a violent crime and includes rape, child sexual abuse, incest, and sexual harassment. Sexual assault is a humiliating, terrifying, and brutal crime; an act which violates a person's innermost physical and psychological well-being. The victim of sexual assault can be anyone; no one is immune, and no one deserves to have it happen to them.


While this may not be the case, Penn is taking is frustration of Ann Coulter out on a doll that represents her, in what I would assume, is what he would want to do to her if he could.

This is what disturbs me in this line of action from Sean Penn.

This also could be a sign that Sean Penn was sexually abused as a child:

Symptoms of Abuse in Children:

* Re-enactment of the abuse by using dolls, friends, drawings

* Threatening behavior-fear of violence, games with threats

The rest of the symptoms are Here.

The dolls' explicit parts may serve as a stimulus to remind the child of sexual abuse.


Another possibility by the sadistic nature in which he fantasizes with the dolls image of Ann Coulter is a Sexually Aggressive Predator:

Type IV: Sexual Aggressive - socially and sexually active, delinquent peer group, drug and alcohol use, family is abusive and disorganized, sexual acts express anger and domination, poor impulse control, rape and cruelty fantasies, use of force and violence, character-disordered.


If this is the case then I think it might be wise for Ann Coutler to get a restraining order against Sean Penn, since he is displaying tendencies of a Sexual Aggressive Predator.

Again, this too is disturbing if suggestion of it are true, but verification would have to be through previous dates or relationships to see how he really acts.

But as I said, his actions seem to point this way, and are very disturbing if it is true.

Aims of Rape

* Conquest and control

* Revenge and retaliation

* Sadism and degradation

* Conflict and counteraction

* Status and affection - (gang rape)

And it seems the violation, degrading and sadistic nature in which Sean Penn derives pleasure from his actions on a doll that represents Ann Coulter is VERY disturbing.

Sadists - These men find their thrill by not just of hurting someone physically, but more importantly, hurting them emotionally and sexually. These men do not feel a sense of empathy toward their victims as they treat their victim as an object.

"Other people's helplessness makes them feel powerful. Other people's vulnerability makes them feel invincible. Other people's dying makes them feel alive. Other people's submission makes them feel dominant"
(Salter, 108). And

"Rapists certainly intend to inflict pain"
(Salter, 109).

Psychopaths - these men feel a sense of joy and child-like delight at duping and hurting other people.

While I do not think Sean Penn is a Psychopath, I do feel he is exihbiting behaviour that tends to point in very disturbing areas.

3. The Sadistic Rape - power and anger become eroticised (page 13). The offender finds that intentionally harming his victim, seeing the victim tormented, helpless, distressed and suffering is both intensely gratifying and pleasurable The assaults may include bondage, torture, rituals, bizarre acts and the offender may target sexual areas of the victims body to inflict injury and abusive acts such as biting and burning or instruments or foreign objects may be used to sexually penetrate his victim (page 45).


As I said, his actions seem to be of a very disturbed man who is playing with dolls, violating and degrading the image of Ann Coulter. The sadistic nature in which Sean Penn derives pleasure from his actions on a doll that represents Ann Coulter is VERY disturbing.

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