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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Terrorist 007, Al Qaeda's Hacker Caught

This is indeed good news, and a very good catch.

For almost two years, intelligence services around the world tried to uncover the identity of an Internet hacker who had become a key conduit for al-Qaeda. The savvy, English-speaking, presumably young webmaster taunted his pursuers, calling himself Irhabi -- Terrorist -- 007. He hacked into American university computers, propagandized for the Iraq insurgents led by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and taught other online jihadists how to wield their computers for the cause.

Suddenly last fall, Irhabi 007 disappeared from the message boards. The postings ended after Scotland Yard arrested a 22-year-old West Londoner, Younis Tsouli, suspected of participating in an alleged bomb plot. In November, British authorities brought a range of charges against him related to that plot. Only later, according to our sources familiar with the British probe, was Tsouli's other suspected identity revealed. British investigators eventually confirmed to us that they believe he is Irhabi 007.

This could very well glean quite abit of information since he was the terrorist's networks major internet hacker.

The unwitting end of the hunt comes at a time when al-Qaeda sympathizers like Irhabi 007 are making explosive new use of the Internet. Countless Web sites and password-protected forums -- most of which have sprung up in the last several years -- now cater to would-be jihadists like Irhabi 007. The terrorists who congregate in those cybercommunities are rapidly becoming skilled in hacking, programming, executing online attacks and mastering digital and media design -- and Irhabi was a master of all those arts.

He could very well be a fountain of infomation if he breaks in interrogation.

Of course, no subjecting him to Barbara Streisand music, we wouldn't want to torture him or anything. Maybe if we ask nicely he will tell us what we want to know.

This was around the time that Zarqawi began using the Internet as his primary means of disseminating propaganda for his insurgency in Iraq. Zarqawi needed computer-savvy associates, and Irhabi proved to be a standout among the volunteers, many of whom were based in Europe.

This would be very nice if we had additional information on where and how to get to Zarqawi, something which if he is this important, might be able to provide. Names and passwords for these jihad forums, names, contacts, locations, plans. There is a wealth of information he might provide.

Over the following year and a half, Irhabi established himself as the top jihadi expert on all things Internet-related. He became a very active member of many jihadi forums in Arabic and English.

Irhabi's hacking ability was useful not only in the exchange of media, but also in the distribution of large-scale al-Qaeda productions. In one instance, a film produced by Zarqawi's al-Qaeda, titled "All Is for Allah's Religion," was distributed from a page at .

Since Gitmo is such a hell hole so many seem to think (far from it), perhaps we should store 007 wanna-be in a maximum security prison with the rapists and murders, let him sit in general population till he is ready to talk.

That isn't torture, it is called punishment.

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