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Friday, September 29, 2006

When Squirrels Attack

First thought when I read the title "Squirrels Go On the Attack in California", was that the squirrels were attacking Liberals - for the Nuts that they are. Even squirrels recognize nuts when they see them and there is quite a few nuts in California, so it was a natural assumption.....

All kidding aside, it really is not that funny when you consider that humans encroach on wildlife habitats, we build and expand, and those animals that stay within our cities to try and survive, become somewhat domesticated. I say "somewhat" because they are still wild animals, with instincts that are born to their nature, but for some of them, like squirrels, have gotten used to humans being close to them, and putting out food for them. We tend to forget these things as we think of them like pets.

Now, when humans stop giving them food, close up places and lock them down so these animals cannot get to what they normally got for food, their instincts take over and they again become the wild animals they are, and hunt for food. They will take it from babies, or unsuspecting humans, grab and run. They are quick and use that to their advantage.

Now that some people begin to see that, they are taking measure to trap and kill these squirrels in the park, which have given rise to protest from wildlife advocates.

Many have e-mailed, saying that euthanizing the squirrels is the wrong response.

One viewer wrote, "I come to the parks to watch the wild animals, not the humans. I will no longer visit your parks knowing that any of them have become a killing ground for natural wildlife."

Wildlife advocates also oppose the unusual measure of killing the animals and said it won't solve the problem.

"The squirrels will be back," South Bay wildlife rehabilitator Norma Campbell said. "For every one you take out, two more will come in. It could be a never-ending project that isn't going to accomplish anything."

Officials said the increasingly brazen behavior stems from years of being fed by park visitors.

Now whether or not this is a good idea, wiping out all squirrels in the area, will remain to be seen.

But I do agree there is a danger to public health, unfortunately it was caused by humans feeding and getting the squirrels used to being fed. Cutting off food supplies exacerbated the problem. Now the answer to the problem humans caused, is to wipe out the squirrels....

I find this disturbing for the mindset at least, that for problems that humans cause, that our answer to it is kill off what humans caused to be the problem.

Muela said the city couldn't afford to wait and see if the squirrels' aggressive behavior goes away eventually, because of the threat posed to public health and safety.

Emphasizing his concern for the welfare of park visitors, Muela said, "We will need the public's cooperation on this, because as long as they continue to feed the squirrels it will exacerbate the problem."

Although the squirrels' behavior has led some to fear the animals might be rabid, Muela said that is highly unlikely because incidents of rabid tree squirrels are extremely rare.