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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Democrats learn the Art of Duck and Cover

Who says Democrats don't like the Military!
They do a good job of Duck and Cover, and covering thier six (check bottom for defintion).

Democratic senators, filing in for their weekly caucus lunch yesterday, looked as if they’d seen a ghost.

“I haven’t read it,” demurred Barack Obama (Ill.).

“I just don’t have enough information,” protested Ben Nelson (Neb.). “I really can’t right now,” John Kerry (Mass.) said as he hurried past a knot of reporters — an excuse that fell apart when Kerry was forced into an awkward wait as Capitol Police stopped an aide at the magnetometer.

Hillary Rodham Clinton (N.Y.) brushed past the press pack, shaking her head and waving her hand over her shoulder. When an errant food cart blocked her entrance to the meeting room, she tried to hide from reporters behind the 4-foot-11 Barbara Mikulski (Md.).

“Ask her after lunch,” offered Clinton’s spokesman, Philippe Reines. But Clinton, with most of her colleagues, fled the lunch out a back door as if escaping a fire.

Hat Tip: Captain’s Quarters and Sister Toldjah

More from the Dana Milbank article:

Next in the Senate TV gallery came Schumer. An aide hung up a poster showing a port. The senator called the ports situation “extremely troubling.” The aide hung up a poster of an Exxon cartoon. “Obscene profits,” decreed Schumer, equally passionately.

CNN’s Henry asked the Feingold question. Schumer ended the news conference.

Outside the Democrats’ lunch downstairs, the senators were similarly agile. The number two Democratic leader, Richard Durbin (Ill.), darted out of an elevator and into lunch when he thought nobody was looking.

Reporters, as instructed, asked Reid where he stood. “It’s a question that’s been asked 33 times in the last few hours,” he said. “And so, for the 34th time, I’m going to say the same thing: I’m going to wait . . .'’

But they didn’t want to wait for the 45 days on the UAE deal and wanted a vote on that NOW. So why the sudden ‘patience’ on the democrats part now?

Uh-oh looks like someone is in trouble with Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid and Minority Whip Richard Durbin.

Meanwhile just yesterday, Sen. Feingold rushed off the Senate Floor, refusing to debate with Specter:

SEN. ARLEN SPECTER: Mr. President might I ask the Senator from Wisconsin to stay on the floor?

SPECTER: Mr. President

MR. PRESIDENT: Senator from Pennsylvania

SPECTER: Mr. President, well I think this subject matter is worthy of debate, but not withstanding my experience at debating, I don’t think I could debate without someone to debate with. So I tried to attract the attention of the Senator from Wisconsin before he departed the chamber. I think you got him right as he was on the way out the door, but let me ask his staffers if they would like to invite the Senator from Wisconsin to return to the floor with my having listened to his long soliloquy, if I might have the benefit of his presence so that we can deal with these issues in some substantive detail.

Video at Expose the Left

Also yesterday, we had Republicans stand up and SLAM Democrats (finally) on thier position, thier plan (They don't have one), and the constant attacks on the President:

Rep. Virginia Foxx (R) Questions Feingold’s Motives On Call For Censure, Blasts Democrats Lack Of Commitment Against Terrorism.

Mr. Speaker, in their rush to be against everything that President Bush is for, Democrats have once again given us reason to question their timing and judgment. A resolution has been introduced in the Senate to censure the President for ordering the National Security Agency to intercept communications of suspected al Qaeda members or related terrorist groups.

Apparently, this offends some Democrats so much that they seek to scold the President in the midst of the War on Terror. To them, I ask: How would you monitor terrorist operatives who move to this country, blend in and wait to strike? Do you think they hang a shingle on their front door reading “terrorist in waiting?”

The NSA program is one that provides the speed and agility that is needed as we fight this new kind of war. We must adapt because in this day and age, terrorists move faster than any court possibly can. A span of just a few hours could make the difference between life and death.

Mr. Speaker, we are not questioning the Democrats’ patriotism as they so often charge; we are however questioning their poor judgment. They are unwise in opposing what is clearly a vital tool against terrorist organizations and in allowing a censure resolution on the Senate floor which could damage the President as he fights this War on Terror.

From Expose the Left.

This needs to be done EACH time.

Show Americans why they are doing it, show people what type of political games they are playing with the war on terror, the games they are playing with your life, my life and other americans lives.

* The expression "covering your six," which means keeping watch over a fellow pilot's 6 o'clock position – the pilot's rear, the blind spot.