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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Cynthia McKinney (Part 3)- What Kind of Democrat is she?

Well if you made it through the previous 2 parts, Part One being all about her voting record, and Part Two being about her altercation with the police officer and call of racism and 'inappropriate touching' charges she is airing, then part three will be a variety of things left on Congresswoman McKinney.

The Captain's Quarters has an interesting and disturbing (especially if it is true) report that the ranking member of the House Administration Committee, Juanita Millender-McDonald, personally intervened with the House sergeant-at-arms to keep Congresswoman McKinney from being arrested for assault:

Channel 2 Action News has learned that Rep. Juanita Millender-McDonald (D-CA.) intervened when word got out Wednesday night that McKinney might be arrested.
She says she approached the House sergeant-at-arms to discuss the situation.

Millender-McDonald sits on the House committee that oversees the Capitol Hill police and the sergeant-at-arms' office.

Millender-McDonald does not believe what she did constitutes “intervention”, said spokeswoman Denise Mixon. “She simply wanted some questions answered,” Mixon said.


Unfortunately for Millender-McDonald, if she pressured the sergeant-at-arms to leave McKinney alone, that constitutes obstruction of justice, as that office is responsible for law enforcement and security oversight for Congress and its offices.

John Aravosis at AmericaBlog is very critical of Congresswoman McKinney and the Security concerns that maybe next time the Police will be afraid the next person who tries to bypass security might be a bomber/terrorists that they are afraid to stop incase it might be a Democrat:

I'm sorry, but what a pitiful excuse for a Democrat. Yes, let's cry racism and sexism and Democratism, I guess you'd call it, because a cop didn't recognize you and you decided to not even wear your member of Congress pin, or turn around when the cop called out to you while we're at war. Next time, it'll be better if the cop lets strangers without their pins just barge into the halls of Congress, bypass security, and oh blow the hell out of the entire building because they're afraid the person they stop might be - what? - a Democrat?

Like I said, the only thing more pathetic than McKinney is that NOW and the NAACP would lower themselves to attend this ridiculous farce of a press conference. Have they nothing better to do than pander to someone who belittles legitimate concerns about race and gender and political bias?

Pathetic liberal groups, and pathetic Democratic members of Congress. Their funders should cut them all off until they prove the worth of their continued existence.

McKinney is in her sixth term in Congress, after a one-term hiatus in 2002. The representative also is no stranger to controversy. She once apologized to a Saudi Arabian prince for former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani's return of a contribution after the prince criticized America in the wake of Sept. 11.

U. S. Capitol Police Chief Terrance Gainer says racism is not a factor in why the Officer stopped the Congresswoman.

"I've seen our officers stop white members and black members, Latinos, male and females," he told CNN. "It's not an issue about what your race or gender is. It's an issue about making sure people who come into our building are recognized if they're not going through the magnetometer, and this officer at that moment didn't recognize her."

"It would have been real easy, as most members of Congress do, to say here's who I am or do you know who I am?" Gainer added.

Police also have said that McKinney was failing to wear a pin that lawmakers are asked to display when entering Capitol facilities.


Have you seen this woman?
This is Congresswoman McKinney, please be advised you are to recognize her immediately because she is BLACK and FEMALE (and she will make sure you know it too), and out of the 535 members of Congress you better know her face because she does not wear her Congressional Identification Pin. So while you are scanning hundreds of other people and keeping watch for possible terrorists activity or just plain trying to keep the nutjobs from attacking members of Congress, make sure you recognize the following face in the few seconds you have to see it as it rushes around bypassing security checkpoints.

Recognize it and make sure you don't touch her, speak to her, or even eyeball her, otherwise you will be charged and slandered in press conferences with 'Inappropriate Touching', Assault, Racism, Bigotry, and not agreeing with her politics.

Support from her Colleagues seem to be non-existant, perhaps because they see that McKinney is making a mountain out of a mole hill. Perhaps, but when the Democrats say they are tough on security, we had no idea they meant slandering and attacking those responsible for security!

The leader of McKinney’s own party, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, (D) CA 8th Dist., is making it clear, “The Capitol Police do an excellent job.”

Pelosi told reporters in Washington on Tuesday that she is not accepting McKinney’s explanation that:

A U.S. Capitol Police officer inappropriately touched McKinney last week when he stopped her from bypassing a security check point

She was defending herself

She was a victim of racial profiling.

“I don't think any of it justifies hitting a police officer,” Pelosi said. “I don't know if that happened, but I'm just saying if it did happen, I don't think it was justified.”


The Dean of Georgia's Congressional delegation, civil rights warrior and Democrat John Lewis, (D) GA 5th Dist., the only comment from his office is "no comment."

McKinney has garnered little support among fellow Democrats in her feud with the Capitol police. No one in her party chose to join her at a news conference last Friday to discuss the situation, and the event was canceled.


Though Expose the Left now has a report of another Democrat in support of McKinney (Female and Black of course - can't play a race card otherwise):

GA State Rep. Defends McKinney, Plays Race Card

Yet another McKinney apologist. This time we hear from a George State Congresswoman who believes that if this was a white congresswoman, the policeman would have been thrown in jail.

The Police seem to not want to go for the Maximum they could go for in charging the Congresswoman for Assaulting a Police Officer, which is awful generous considering the slander the Congresswoman is now doing in the media. It also may be that they do not wish to make their jobs even harder than they already are with protection of members of Congress if charge a member of Congress with a Felony.

As for any charges McKinney may face, the Washington Post quotes unnamed sources who say the U.S. Capitol Police are asking the U.S. Attorney to pursue only a misdemeanor assault charge against her, not a felony "assaulting a police officer" charge.

But this may be the least of her worries as another problem of possible violation of congressional fundraising rules now has come to light:

WASHINGTON — Rep. Cynthia McKinney may have violated congressional fundraising rules.

Channel 2 Action News has learned that McKinney paid for singer Isaac Hayes to fly to Atlanta last March 25 to host a fundraising event at the Stone Mountain home of State Senator Gloria Butler.

Information provided by the House Ethics Committee show McKinney could potentially face a fine or removal from office, if a government investigation is conducted.


See McKinney - Part One for her Voting Record.
See McKinney - Part Two for her about her altercation with the police officer and call of racism and 'inappropriate touching' charges she is airing.