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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Neal Gabler has literally lost his mind.

Courtesy of Expose the Left, the following certainly does Expose the wild, insane and pathetic attempts the Left seem to be employing to try and "get" Vice President Cheney:

Ok that’s it, Neal Gabler is officially insane. On last night’s edition of FOX News Watch, the “media critic” basically accused Cheney of shooting his friend, Harry Whillington on purpose to distract the public from the Abu Ghraib story. No mention that it is the media who starts these brouhahas and no mention of the Al Gore story that was subsequently squashed because of this incident. Yes, it would make perfect political sense that Cheney would shoot a man on purpose. First it was Cheney was drunk, then it was Cheney is cheating on his wife with the ambassador to Switzerland, and now it’s he did it on purpose. Memo to the left, pick, choose, and stay with your conspiracy theories.

Neal Gabler: Cheney Purposely Shot Whillington For Political Reasons (VIDEO