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Friday, March 17, 2006

Feminists Blogger Posts Detailed How-to Intructions for Abortion

There comes a time when freedom of information can be a bad thing.
I do not advocate the banning of information, but common sense should prevail that this has far reaching consequences.

This would bypass the safest way of handling these matters.
While I do not advocate abortions, in fact I am firmly against it, I do not and would not ever recommend someone trying this at home.

A feminist blogger has posted explicit directions online for a surgical abortion, in reaction to the new South Dakota law all but banning the procedure.

Her action troubles activists on both sides of the issue: Is it a harbinger of a return to the era of secret, illegal abortions?

At her "Molly Saves the Day" weblog, the 21-year-old Florida resident uses the pseudonym Molly Blythe. Given the volitility of the abortion debate, she requested that her real name and city of residence not be used in this story.

In an interview, the blogger said South Dakota's recent ban on abortion -- even in cases of rape and incest -- prompted her post, "For the Women of South Dakota: An Abortion Manual." The blogger, who has no medical background, said she has been compiling instructions for several years. She observed an actual abortion, interviewed providers and read medical texts, she said.

She posted directions for a dilation and curettage -- or D and C -- abortion, and plans to next place online the steps for a vacuum aspiration abortion.

"If anyone has a problem with this and they don't think non-doctors should perform medical procedures, there's a simple way to guarantee that won't happen: Make sure Roe v. Wade is not overturned," she said, referring to the 1973 Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion nationwide.


This allows a person who wants an abortion to be able to have an abortion at any time, given the instructions, to be able to at whatever stage the mother wishes to abort, even at a partial-birth.

Instruments needed and their uses

You will need:

One set of uterine dilators (any equipment may be purchased from numerous websites. If you need assistance in finding this equipment, do not hesitate to email me at
Vaginal speculum
Pregnancy test
One set of uterine curettes
One pair of uterine forceps
One pair of regular forceps
Sterile bags for medical instruments and medical waste
A course of antibiotics
Sedative medication
Pressure cooker
Container of bleach solution: one part chlorine bleach to 10 parts water
Strong soap
Sterile latex gloves
Water-based lubricant
Maxi pads
Clean plastic sheeting and towels
Exam table
Wet wipes

First, let's talk instruments, before we talk implementation:

This now also raises the question of giving out Medical Advice if you are not a doctor.
Could she be held lawfully accountable?
What happens if someone dies from following her advice?

At the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) in Cairo in 1994, governments recognised unsafe abortion as a major public health issue and called for:

Prompt, high quality and humane medical services to treat the complications of unsafe abortion;
Compassionate postabortion counselling and family planning services to promote reproductive health, reduce the need for abortion and prevent repeat unsafe abortions.

Treatment of abortion-related complications often requires several days of hospitalisation and staff time, as well as blood transfusions, antibiotics, pain control medicines and other drugs.

Lets not forget other problems that can occur:

Researchers on the after-effects of abortion have identified a pattern of psychological problems known as Post-Abortion Syndrome (PAS). Women suffering PAS may experience drug and alcohol abuse, personal relationship disorders, sexual dysfunction, repeated abortions, communications difficulties, damaged self-esteem, and even attempt suicide.


Progressive U tries to make others understand what Molly seems to be trying to do by saying:

Molly is not advocating self-induced abortions. What Molly is attempting to do is provide alternatives for those in South Dakota. Yes, she posted how to perform an abortion, but I believe this was only to dispel some of the rumors about the procedure.

I think that abortion should be legal, and I also believe that women should not attempt to do so by themselves. I think this was not supposed to be a 'do it yourself abortion' manual, but rather information on abortion and it's just been blown out of proportion.

Of course, I've been wrong before.

I believe you are wrong here though.

Should you be held responsible if you post instructions on how to make a bomb, in every detail, or how to build a nuclear bomb?

Yes I know it is an extreme scenario I just mentioned, but abortion is just as extreme.
Do you think that just because you have posted and said that you don't advocate doing it, but here is how you do it, that you should not be held responsible when someone does it?

She is too detailed on what to do, with step-by-step instructions and not just an overview of the procedure. She is intentionally showing others EXACTLY how to have an abortion, and this IS a Do-it Yourself Abortion Manual.

Let us not forget to tell our would-be Do-it-yourself Abortionist where to get drugs:

Antibiotics can be purchased from Mexican pharmaceutical supply houses for less than $2 per course.

What is Molly's background?
Is she a Doctor? A Pharmascists? A OBGYN?

Quoted from her blog, she is:

Feminist issues, liberal talk, and news analysis by former journalist turned phone sex operator.

Do you really want to take advice from someone who is not a doctor...
Who is not even a nurse...

For additional information on what affects abortion can have:
* The Aftereffects of Abortion

* Unsafe Abortions

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