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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Cindy Sheehan Speech Closed to All but Students


Anti-war icon and activist Cindy Sheehan is to speak at Lowell High School in San Francisco at a closed door event. The event is to take place on Friday, April 7, 2005 at 9:45 AM. Lowell is a public school that is funded by taxpayer’s money. Only students of the school are able to attend without any outside opposing opinion. Local talk radio host Melanie Morgan learned about this event and asked the school if she could attend the event however was denied. Several attempts have been made to contact the school to find out more about Sheehan’s appearance; however they were reluctant to give any further information.

Hat Tip - Expose the Left

First of all why do they not want an actual balanced look on this, unless they specifically wish to only include the opinion of one side, that of an extreme anti-war activist.

This is a Federally Funded Public School, and they have invited this Anti-war activist to speak, and only her to speak - no one else, who has made some very off the deep end remarks in her history of media-whoring.

Several attempts have been made to find out more information and the school is reluctant to speak about it? Normally when someone is reluctant to speak about something it is because they are trying to hide something.

Personally I hope one of the students goes in with a tape recorder.
Then again, who wants to make a bet they ban all recording devices during her speech?

SAN FRANCISCO - Peace activist Cindy Sheehan, whose son was killed in Iraq, is scheduled to speak to students at San Francisco’s Lowell High School this Friday — to the chagrin of at least one parent.

Sheehan is scheduled to speak for approximately 45 minutes at an optional morning assembly that students can attend with their teacher’s permission, according to Lowell Principal Paul Cheng. Sheehan’s visit was arranged by students in the school’s Revolution Youth group, an after-school club.

When parent Matt Mitguard, who has two children at Lowell, heard about the visit, he contacted Cheng to express concern about the school hosting an assembly featuring one point of view on the war and asked if a counter-point speaker could also be asked to participate.

“The left-wing agenda is rammed down your throat here, so kids with a different point of view are not going to speak up,” said Mitguard. “The onus is on the district to provide balance.”

Principal Paul Cheng said he was not opposed to having a speaker that supported the United States’ military action in Iraq come to the school, but also felt confident that students could hear only Sheehan and understand that she represented just one point of view.

“That’s our philosophy, that all points of view should be allowed,” said Cheng. “The students are able to analyze all the pros and cons and discover for themselves what they want to support or not, and what they want to believe.”


It is nice hat they term it optional, but for a majority of the students who are Liberal this is nothing new, nor anything that will challenge them to think beyond one side of this issue. There will be no opposing point of view that will refute or collaborate anything Sheehan says, these students will think everything she says as the truth with no opposing views present.

Again, this is just reinforcement of Liberal Ideas already formed in Liberal Students. There is nothing here that will challenge their thinking, make them consider and ponder other view points.

Lowell junior Lily Taylor said most students were excited to hear Sheehan speak since “students at Lowell are pretty liberal.” She said she also understood why some right-leaning students might feel “overpowered.”

“I know there’s a Republican Club at our school, it’s very small and a lot of people think it’s a joke,” said Taylor. “If I was a conservative, I would feel uncomfortable.”

Senior David Shackelford said he wasn’t that impressed with Sheehan’s views and he didn’t feel uncomfortable saying so.

“She doesn’t have controversial ideas for San Francisco, in my opinion,” he said. “I certainly won’t go, liberals bore the hell out of me. I think Lowell should have an opposition speaker just because he’ll be the only one presenting new ideas.”

Former Lowell parent and alumnus Terry Abad, who remains an active supporter of the school, said most parents don’t know about Cindy Sheehan’s planned visit to the school. Although not opposed to the anti-war activist, Abad said that since school time was being given to her views that he “would hope that Lowell teachers would address this [her talk] and try to provide some balance.”

It is interesting that most parents don't know what is going on with the school scheduling such a controvertial person such as Sheehan to speak.

Sister Toldjah brings up an excellent counter-arguement:

Let’s also not forget that a majority of San Franciscans voted last November in favor of Measure I:

The military recruitment initiative also won with 60 percent in favor and 40 percent against.

Measure I, dubbed “College Not Combat,” opposes the presence of military recruiters at public high schools and colleges. However, it would not ban the armed forces from seeking enlistees at city campuses, since that would put schools at risk of losing federal funding.

Instead, Proposition I encourages city officials and university administrators to exclude recruiters and create scholarships and training programs that would reduce the military’s appeal to young adults.

The message seems to be: Military recruiters in SF schools are wrong, but staunch anti-war advocates are ok.

So why does there seem to be a double standard here?
They can bar, ban and exclude Military from talking and encouraging youth to join and serve, but will allow anti-war activists to come and speak?

Doesn't seem quite right to me.

Perhaps it is time to have some peaceful protests against these activists at their speaking engagements. Perhaps a large group could stand outside and sing the National Anthem, the Star Spangled Banner, or some other Patriotic Music and songs while she sits in front of a bunch of Liberal students reinforcing their hatred of the American Military and our President.

Below is a list of scheduled Speaking Events from Gold Star Families for Peace:


March 25th: Michelle DeFord and Lynn Bradach rally in Reedsport Oregon

March 25&26: Cindy Sheehan, PDA events in Cleveland Ohio

March 27: Cindy Sheehan, Air America with Al Franken


April 4: Camp Casey Alumni First Annual Peace Festival and Concert. Details TBD.

April 7: Cindy Sheehan, Lowell High School San Francisco. 9:45am

April 8&9: Cindy Sheehan, Arlington West in Santa Barbara 12:00 pm.Arlington West displays are installed every Sunday in Santa Barbara, Santa Monica and Huntington Beach, weather permitting. Installation begins in Santa Barbara at 7am and the display stands until 5pm. VVAW shirt/s are always in evidence as well as Veterans For Peace by the dozens. On Palm Sunday April 9th, Cindy Sheehan will return to Santa Barbara's Arlington West, where she made her first public appearance on Mothers day of 2004. She will be joined by musician David Crosby. On Saturday, April 8th, Santa Barbara Veterans For Peace will host a fundraiser for Gold Star Families for Peace, the organization that Cindy founded beginning at 5pm at the Veterans Memorial Building on Santa Barbara's waterfront. Hope to meet you there!

April 13-16: Gold Star Families for Peace members Camp Casey, Crawford Texas.

April 17: Cindy Sheehan, Bill Mitchell and other GSFP members in Austin Tx. Location to be determined.

April 20: Carlos and Melida Arredondo, Harvard University 12:00-1:00pm

April 22: Cindy Sheehan, talk at United Methodist Church 0f Honolulu

April 23: Cindy Sheehan, Talk at Maui Arts & Cultural Center, following 6:30 Sir! No Sir! screening.

April 24: Cindy Sheehan, University of Hawaii, Hilo @ 12:00 pm. Aloha Theatre, Kona @ 6:45 pm.

April 29: Cindy to Speak at UFPJ march in New York City

April 30: Cindy Sheehan, Annual Reunion of the Veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade


May 3-7: Cindy Sheehan in Canada. Details TBD

May 8: Cindy Sheehan book event in Seattle. Details TBD.

May 11: Cindy Sheehan speaking event at Wisdom Univeristy in Seattle. Details TBD.

May 12-14: AFCS Silent March on Washington.

May 14: Mother's Day with Cindy Sheehan and Code Pink in front of White House @ 1:00pm. Cindy Sheehan speaking event at Bus Boys and Poets in Washington DC @ 7:00pm.

May 16: Cindy Sheehan in Michigan. Details TBD.

May 19: Cindy Sheehan at Book Expo America at the Washington DC Convention Center @ 9:30am.

May 20: Cindy Sheehan lecture at Shelter Rock Forum in Mineola, NY @ 7:30pm.

May 21-28: Cindy Sheehan in Australia. Details TBD.

May 29: Casey Sheehan's Birthday

May 31: Peace Concert in honor of Casey. Details TBD.


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