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Friday, April 07, 2006

Friday - Day of Humor

Ok, acquired tastes I suppose, but War of the Roses busts the Cheaters, and to me, I find that funny when they are caught and we get to listen to the cornered rat try and talk his/her way out of being caught.

War of the Roses Background:

Cheaters are obviously too busy cheating to listen to the radio it seems.

The War of the Roses is America's new favorite homewrecker: radio stations accept applications from listeners who have reason to believe that their significant others are cheating on them; their morning radio show deejays then pose as employees for a new dot-com florist and offer them a free bouquet of a dozen roses in exchange for passing the company name along to friends. Consistently, the cheaters give the name of their less-than-significant others-caught-at which point the radio deejay interrupts and lets the offended parties break up with them on the line.

Ah after that, I think we need a wash....

So without further adieu...The Topless Carwash!!

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And when we are done at the Carwash, it is time to RACE!!

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Then it is time to relax and watch a little bit of the news....

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And to catch a bit of the weather.....

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Then to catch up on Celebrity Spotlights.....

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And last but not least, would you tell your roommate?

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