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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Politicians Pandering to Illegal Immigrants

Senators John McCain (R.-Ariz.) and Hillary Clinton (D.-N.Y.), the current frontrunners for their parties’ 2008 presidential nominations, joined Senators Teddy Kennedy (D.-Mass.) and Charles Schumer (D.-N.Y,) in rallying a group of illegal aliens who came to Washington, D.C., on March 8 as part of a lobbying effort funded by a foreign government to push for amnesty for illegal aliens.


“It is so heartening to see you here,” said [Hillary] Clinton. “You are really here on behalf of what America means, America’s values, America’s hopes.”

Hillary, what American values and means? We have Laws and Rules Hillary, these need to be upheld. You speak as a politican looking for votes, not for upholding the Law.
You should be ashamed to pander to illegals who are not or should not be able to vote.

But I am sure if the Democrats have their way, these illegal immigrants will have their 'right' to vote before the next Presidential election.

Why do I think that?

Read more at Michelle Malkin

Why would you show Texas as part of Mexico?
Vote Democrat? At at rally for illegal immigration?
I am not suprised, since Democrats want to have incarcerated criminals to vote, so why not illegal immigrants who are not even citizens of this country?

“You are doing what democracy is supposed to be all about, petitioning the government to right a wrong,” said McCain.

Petitioning the Government to right a wrong?
If we were to do that, we would be protesting that the Government is NOT enforcing its own Laws. There is a wrong that needs to be righted.

“This kind of reception is enough to make a guy want to run for President of the United States,” said McCain, after the illegal aliens gave him a standing ovation.

Does McCain know what the amount of support for enforcing immigration policy is right now in the US?

A USA TODAY/Gallup Poll taken Friday through Sunday found a majority of those surveyed want to make it a crime for foreigners to immigrate illegally to the USA and for Americans to help those illegal immigrants once they arrive.

Fewer than one in five Americans think all illegal immigrants — a group estimated at as many as 12 million, equal to the population of Ohio — should be deported. A similar number say they should be allowed to stay and work for a limited amount of time.

Instead, a significant majority, 63%, say there should be a way for illegal immigrants to stay here and become citizens if they meet certain requirements.

More than eight in 10 say those requirements should include:

•Having a job.

•Learning to speak English.

•Passing a health screening.

•Paying federal taxes due on past income.

Two-thirds say illegal immigrants should be required to have lived in the United States for at least five years and pay a fine for coming to the USA illegally.


Gallup Poll

Do you think that illegal immigration to the United States is out of control, or not?
81 Percent of Americans Polled say Yes.
16 Percent of Americans Polled say No.

Do you think the United States government should -- or should not -- make illegal immigration a crime?
61 Percent of Amercians Polled say Yes.
35 Percent of Americans Polled say No.

Do you think the government should -- or should not -- make it a crime for U.S. citizens to provide assistance to people they know are illegal immigrants?
52 Percent of Americans Polled say Yes.
43 Percent of Americans Polled say No.

In the long run, most Americans are pessimistic that the government can completely stop illegal immigration -- 36% think it is possible, but 61% believe that a sizeable number of illegal immigrants will always be able to get into the country, regardless of what the government does to stop it.

With politicans pandering to illegals, I would think that number should be higher.
Politicans are showing they are more willing to pander to and kiss up to illegals than they are of the Amercians Citizens and the Laws of this Country.

Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., a co-sponsor of legislation that would let most undocumented immigrants get legal status, won roars of approval for a speech that began and ended in Spanish.

"We will never give up," Kennedy said. "We will never give in. Hasta la victoria! (Until the victory). Si se puede! (Yes we can)."
Watch the video HERE

Kennedy had a translator and funny thing was, the crowd was reacting and answering BEFORE the interpretor had a chance to tranlate Kennedy's words into spanish for the crowd. The crowd already spoke english, so not sure what the translator was there for.

And now we have illegals immigrants who cross the US borders and come into this country willingly, being equated to civil rights and black americans fight for equality.
You want to be equal, then become a citizen the right way.

One speaker, a black Muslim cleric named Johari Abdul Malik, drew parallels between African slaves and illegal immigrants.

"My people were brought to America without any documents. They brought them here because there were jobs the people didn't want to do," he said. "Back then, they called it slavery. Today, they call you undocumented workers."

Watch the video Here

No one is forcing illegal immigrants to cross our borders.
No Americans is forcing immigrants into this country and making them do jobs no one else wants to do. To make such statements and comparisons is an outright falsehood and demeans what black americans really have fought hard to achieve.

Equating illegal immigrants to the Civil Rights Movement should upset many who fought so hard for Civil Rights, to see it wrongly used and characterized by immigrants that are NOT citizens of America.

Civil Rights Movement:
The civil rights movement in the American South was one of the most significant and successful social movements in the modern world. Black Georgians formed part of this southern movement for full civil rights and the wider national struggle for racial equality.


This is NOT about Racial Equality or the color of an illegal immigrants skin.

Illegal Immigration is about the illegal entry into the United States by foriegn born citizens. It is about the Laws of America that are being subverted, and our Government looking the other way. It is also about illegal immigrants not going through the proper way of entry into America, which allows Disease and Criminals to come across our borders to wreak havoc on American Citizens.

By no means do I think ALL illegal immigrants are diseased or criminals, but without them going through immigration the proper way, you can bet that disease and criminals are coming across our borders also.

This is not a Civil Rights Movement.
Stating that means you think that illegal immigrants that come from other countries and enter into America illegally have Rights and Protections under the American Constitution and Law.

They don't, because they are not United States Citizens, they are here illegally.

250 people rallied and marched in Rochester, N.Y. Two protesters held a banner that read, "No Human is Illegal."

No one said humans are illegal, ILLEGAL immigrant refers to an immigrant that has broken the Law and entered this Country illegally.

75,000 people marched in Phoenix, causing police to close part of one interstate. Many protesters carried banners that displayed the main theme of the nationwide effort - "Somos America: Hoy Marchamos Manana Votamos," which means "We are America: Today we march, tomorrow we vote."


I have seen that sign pop up more and more.
Perhaps that is why their seems to be political pandering to illegal imigrants.
Perhaps the next step for politicans will be to give immediate voting rights to illegal immigrants, at least before 2008. Take a guess why.

Elections are coming up, that is why Hillary Clinton is suddenly changing her stance on Immigration:

Hillary "Never mind what I said about illegal immigrants, open the borders now!" Clinton spoke: listen here.


Michelle Malkin has more politician pandering HERE

Quit pandering and enforce our Laws.
I have said it before and I will say it again, before pandering to illegals, and offering them this or that, STOP THE FLOW. Border Enforcement is a MUST.

Not only does is the LAW, but it will also stop terrorists from entering our country, something we have little news on but has been reported to have already been caught some at the border already.

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