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Friday, April 14, 2006

Sister Toldjah Down but not Out

As some of the faithful readers of Sister Toldjah will undoubtably of noticed is her site is down at the moment.

As I go through my withdrawls of not being able to read and participate on her site, I do wish to let you know that it is only TEMPORARY.

She has not been hacked, nor has she given up.

Sister Toldjah(ST) informs me of the following via email:

I've been pulling my hair out this morning because I can't do anything about the problem. I got in contact with the hosting service and they are working on it (a few other sites on their network are down as well). This is so frustrating! I apologize for what's happening, and hope to be back on and posting very shortly!

Her hosting service seems to be having some issues which are affecting her site and a few others. Unfortunately there is not much she can do at this time, it is out of her hands.

And a message for ST:
It will work out. Just not as fast as you would like, but it will be alright.

Keep an eye out for when she comes back up.

******** UPDATE ********

Sister Toldah is now back up and operational.

Go and welcome her back!