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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Is Brown the New Black?

Or is it Minority vs Illegal Minority?

It seems Black Americans have begun to take notice of illegal alien protests on immigration, and begun to worry.

In their demonstrations across the country, some Hispanic immigrants have compared the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s struggle to their own, singing "We Shall Overcome" and declaring a new civil rights movement to win citizenship for millions of illegal immigrants.


There is a big difference when it comes to American Black Civil Rights, one being that they are Americans that deserved it and never should have been denied it. Illegal Aliens come into this country illegally, and say they are the same?

Not hardly.

Black Americans were brought here against their will, enslaved and forced to endure a during a period of time where persecution, bigotry and racism was rampant.

Illegal Aliens come here of their own free-will, to in many cases exploit the American System to bypass immigration laws, to receive welfare, better paying jobs, health care, free schooling, ect.

There is no comparing these two, and anyone who does try obviously does not look at the comparisons between the two.

I am not suprised that Rev. Jesse Jackson is at the forefront of this, he would be the first to scream racism, I would think.

But despite some sympathy for the nation's illegal immigrants, many black professionals, academics and blue-collar workers feel increasingly uneasy as they watch Hispanics flex their political muscle while assuming the mantle of a seminal black struggle for justice.

Are they afraid that illegal aliens will now become the new "black" agenda?
Are they afraid that black is out and brown is in?
Do they have a right to be worried?

Some blacks bristle at the comparison between the civil rights movement and the immigrant demonstrations, pointing out that black protesters in the 1960's were American citizens and had endured centuries of enslavement, rapes, lynchings and discrimination before they started marching.

Others worry about the plight of low-skilled black workers, who sometimes compete with immigrants for entry-level jobs.

And some fear the unfinished business of the civil rights movement will fall to the wayside as America turns its attention to a newly energized Hispanic minority with growing political and economic clout.

"All of this has made me start thinking, 'What's going to happen to African-Americans?' " said Brendon L. Laster, 32, a black fund-raiser at Howard University here, who has been watching the marches. "What's going to happen to our unfinished agenda?"

Perhaps they do have a right to be worried.

Black Americans are just that, Americans, but there still is racism, bigotry, ect. that still needs to be dealt with and Black Americans have a genuine right to equality.

He says that immigrant protesters who claim the legacy of Dr. King and Rosa Parks are going too far. And he has begun to worry about the impact that the emerging immigrant activism will have on black Americans, many of whom still face poverty, high rates of unemployment and discrimination in the workplace.

"I think what they were able to do, the level of organization they were able to pull off, that was phenomenal," said Mr. Laster, who is also a part-time sociology professor at a community college in Baltimore. "But I do think their struggle is, in fundamental ways, very different from ours. We didn't chose to come here; we came here as slaves. And we were denied, even though we were legal citizens, our basic rights."

He is right when he says there is a big difference between the two groups, illegal alien's struggle for ligitamacy and Black American's rightful struggle for equality and the end of racism and bigotry.

When it comes down to it, illegal aliens are Mexican Citizens (those from Mexico) or from citizens from other countries that have trespassed and entered into the United States illegally. You are not Americans, and most with signs that waves MEXICO or waving MEXICAN flags, show exactly what citizenship you represent....the Mexican Citizen that you are.

"This is America's civil rights battle for the 21st century," says Chung-Wha Hong of the New York Immigration Coalition, an umbrella organization for about 150 groups in New York State that work with immigrants and refugees.


This is not a Civil Rights Issue, in this type of thinking, you assume that you have Rights and Privileges under the US Bill of Rights and US Constitution that are for American Citizens.

Plain and simple, if you are not a American Citizen and you are here illegally, you should not be permitted those Rights and Privileges.

Anger has been building among immigrants for decades, Ms. Hong says, but it has intensified over the past decade, as immigrants felt targeted by welfare reform, what they see as a civil-rights rollback, and, most recently, anti- terror laws. Post-9/11 crackdowns, legislation denying social services to illegals in California, and Minutemen border operations have roused immigrants, legal and not. "Immigrants have been feeling like targets for all that is wrong and want to stand up and show how they contribute to the diversity and richness of America," she says.

Immigrants, would that be illegal kind, feel threatened by welfare reform?
Why shouldn't the US be able to reform a badly outdated welfare system and why do they feel threatened by that? If they are not American Citizens, they should not be sucking off that Government Teat.

Government crackdown and anti-terrorism laws they are protesting. If they are here legally then they should not have to worry about it, since they would be Legal American Citizens, the only ones that should have to worry are the ones breaking the law by being in the US illegally.

Legislation denying social services to illegals in California??!?!? Your kidding me right?

I do not go into another country illegally and demand services, expect them to take care of me by supporting me on welfare, free medical services and free public schooling for my children!

No other country in the world does this, and yet the US is expected to conform to this PC idiology that we must be the supporters and nurtures of the world, to always be there, to open our borders and take everyone who wants to come in, no matter what their background or health, and support them. How is that working for France right now?

"There are a lot of fringe groups tagging along on this to get exposure and legitimacy and to network," says Britt Minshall, a 16-year career law enforcer and now a pastor at United Church of Christ. "Once the main goal is accomplished, they begin to fight and hurt the cause they apparently came together for."

Activists themselves have some concerns. "I worry a bit over whether these events will be able to remain be peaceful," says Rogers. And demonstrators who carry the flags of their home countries may leave a bad taste in the mouths of Americans, she says. Such was the case in recent demonstrations in Washington.

They have.
Americans see this type of behaviour and we are disgusted by those that call, no DEMAND, that they be given citizenship, and rights, and services, and free medical, ect. but defiantly seek to place Mexican flags over the American Flag, to talk about that this is THEIR LAND, and they are taking it back, ect.

I have a few questions, if Mexico is such a boon, such a privledge to live in, why are you not there?
Why have you come to America?
Why do you want to become a citizen?

Illegal Aliens, while initially thought to be protesting the Immigration Bill HR 4437, which would make illegal aliens felons, have become increasingly manipulated and maneuvered by groups such as ACCESS, CAIR, Black Panthers, A.N.S.W.E.R., SEIU and La Raza, The Mexican Government, The Revolutionary Council and Provisional Government of Aztlan, The California SENATE, California Democrats, ACORN, and even more HERE.

This is no longer about protesting how illegals will be treated with the Immigration Bill HR 4437, it is a movement to force lawmakers to GIVE them instant American Citizenship Rights and there are even others that say they will TAKE BACK the land stolen from them, meaning California, Texas, New Mexico, ect.

Whether it was the plan for the immigration protest to morph away from protesting the immigration bill to even more, I do not know. But I do know, it has moved from protesting the bill to DEMANDING Rights and Services that are not theirs to demand.

These Rights and Services are for American Citizens who are born here or have come here legally and gone through the process.

American Citizenship is highly sought after, and there are millions of people who would love to be able to become an American Citizen to enjoy the Rights and Privledges we take for granted every day. But should we accept everyone that seeks it? Why do I not hear howling and gnashing of the teeth from these groups for the people who apply for citizenship and are turned away?

This is America, and to enjoy American Rights and Privledges are not something we should take lightly, nor should it be easy to obtain.

I have read and heard of those that come into this country, partake of our generosity, our services and and enjoy the rights and protection of the US Government to talk about how they hate Americans. Guess what buddy, if your here legally and a citizen, you are an American. If you are here illegally, and these are your statements, I suggest you leave.

Why is it so hard for people to understand?

If you have enough people who break the law, it doesn't mean you legalize them or whatever law they are breaking. A Navy Veteran understands:

In Salt Lake City, Utah, Jerry Owens, 59, a Navy veteran from Midway wearing a blue Minuteman T-shirt and camouflage pants, held a yellow "Don't Tread on Me" flag.

"I think it's real sad because these people are really saying it's OK to be illegal aliens," Owens said. "What Americans are saying is 'Yes, come here. But come here legally.' And I think that's the big problem."

In this post-9/11 time in America, Open Borders has to be the stupidest concept I have ever heard of.
Here are some of the statistics from the Tuscon Sector of the Border Patrol for February:

42,837 illegal aliens apprehended
71,519 lbs. marijuana seized
465 stolen vehicles recovered

This is just for this sector for one month.

By their own calculation, the Border Patrol states they are only apprehending 1/4th of the number of illegal aliens that are invading our country each month. That would make the total of illegal aliens 171,336. That equates to 2,056,000 illegal aliens entering this country through the Tucson Sector alone. So the 1.2 million that is quoted as a legitimate number for the entire country is way off base.


This is not a civil rights movement, it is an invasion, if millions of Americans suddenly crossed over the border of Mexico, how do you think Mexico would handle that? Most likely as an act of War, seeing millions of Americans flooding into Mexico, demanding rights and services that are not theirs to demand.

Here is some facts on the borders and security by Steve Camorata of the Center for Immigration Studies:

*Foreign-born militant Islamic terrorists have used almost every conceivable means of entering the country. They have come as students, tourists, and business visitors. They have also been Lawful Permanent Residents (LPRs) and naturalized U.S. citizens. They have snuck across the border illegally, arrived as stowaways on ships, used false passports, and have been granted amnesty. Terrorists have even used America’s humanitarian tradition of welcoming those seeking asylum.

*At the time they committed their crimes, 16, or one-third, of the 48 terrorists in the study were on temporary visas (primarily tourist visas), another 17 were Lawful Permanent Residents or naturalized U.S. citizens, 12, or one-fourth, were illegal aliens, and three of the 48 had applications for asylum pending.

*Although the 9/11 hijackers entered on temporary visas, LPRs as well as naturalized U.S. citizens have played key roles in terrorism on U.S. soil. For example, Siddig Ibrahim Siddig Ali, ringleader of the plot to bomb New York City landmarks in 1993, is an LPR, and Ali Mohammed, who wrote al Qaeda’s terrorist handbook on how to operate in the West, is a naturalized U.S. citizen.

*The nation’s humanitarian tradition of offering refuge to those fleeing persecution has also been exploited by a number of terrorists. In addition to the three terrorists who had asylum claims pending when they committed their crimes, three other terrorists, such as Gazi Ibrahim Abu Mezer, who tried to bomb the Brooklyn borough subway in 1997, used a false asylum claim to prevent deportation prior to taking part in terrorism.

*Violations of immigration laws are very common among terrorists. Not only were 12 of the 48 terrorists illegal aliens when they committed their crimes, at least five others had lived in the country illegally at some point prior to taking part in terrorism. At least five others had committed significant violations of immigration laws prior to their taking part. For those that were illegal aliens, most entered legally on temporary visas and then overstayed. However, some snuck across the northern border, such as Abdel Hakim Tizegha, who was involved in the Millennium plot.

*In addition to overstaying a visa, terrorists have violated immigration laws in a number of different ways. Some terrorists have engaged in fraudulent marriages to American citizens, such as Fadil Abdelgani, who took part in the plot to bomb New York City landmarks, and Khalid Abu al Dahab, who raised money and helped recruit new members for al Qaeda from within the United States.

*Terrorists also violated immigration laws by providing false information on their applications for permanent residence, such as Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman, who inspired several terrorist plots.

* Still other terrorists have violated the law by working illegally in the United States. At least eight terrorists held jobs for extended periods while living in the country illegally before taking part in terrorism, including those involved in the 1993 Trade Center attack, the plot to bomb New York landmarks, and the Millennium plot.

* A lack of detention space has allowed several terrorists who had no legal right to be in the country to be released into the country. For example, Ramzi Yousef, the mastermind of the 1993 World Trade Center Attack, did not have a visa to enter the country, but he applied for asylum when he arrived at JFK airport and because of a lack of detention space he was paroled into the country.

* Past amnesties for illegal aliens have facilitated terrorism. Mahmud Abouhalima, a leader of the 1993 Trade Center bombing, was legalized as a seasonal agricultural worker as part of the 1986 amnesty. Only after he was legalized was he able to travel outside of the country, including several trips to the Afghanistan/Pakistan border, where he received the terrorist training he used in the bombing.

* Past amnesties have not hindered terrorism. Mohammed Salameh, another conspirator in the 1993 Trade Center bombing, applied for the same amnesty as Abouhalima and was denied. But, because there is no mechanism in place to force people who are denied permanent residency to leave the country, he continued to live and work in the United States illegally and ultimately took part in the 1993 attack.

* Several terrorists should probably have been denied temporary visas because they had characteristics that made it likely they would overstay their visa and try to live in the United States illegally. Under Section 214(b) of immigration law, individuals who are young, unmarried, have little income, or otherwise lack strong attachment to a residence overseas are to be denied temporary visas. Several of the 9/11 hijackers, including the plot’s leader Mohammed Atta, fit these criteria.

* The visa waiver program, which allows individuals from some countries to visit the United States without a visa, has been exploited by terrorists. French-born Zacarias Moussaoui, who may have been the intended 20th hijacker on 9/11, entered the country using the visa waiver program. Other terrorists such as Ahmed Ajaj, Ramzi Yousef, and Ahmed Ressam attempted to use false passports from visa waiver countries to enter the United States.

* The vast majority of terrorists in the study (41 of 48) were approved for visas by an American consulate overseas prior to entering the country. Of the seven who did not have visas, three snuck into the country and four arrived at a port of entry without a visa.

* At least two terrorists, Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman and Ali Mohammed, should have been denied visas because they were on the watch list of suspected terrorists.

Just some things to take into consideration when it comes to security.

As for Illegal Aliens, no one is calling you personally illegal, we are calling your actions and your status here in the US ILLEGAL. You are here without notice or invite.

As for our lawmakers, if any time they should be paying attention to the polls, it should be now:

When it comes to whether illegal immigrants should be able to stay in the USA and become citizens:

• Those who are immigrants or have at least one parent who is an immigrant are more likely to support the idea; 71% do so, compared with 62% among those whose parents were native-born.

•Among Democrats, 68% support citizenship for illegal immigrants, as do 65% of independents. Among Republicans, a 55% majority endorse the idea.

•By region, those in the West are most favorable, at 67% support. Those in the Midwest are least supportive, at 57%.

•Women are more supportive than men, 67% vs. 58%.
Some conservatives questioned those findings. “If you mention ‘amnesty,' you tend to get much different numbers,” says Will Adams, a spokesman for Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo., who is leading the fight against legalization.

Lawmakers such as Kennedy who favor allowing illegal immigrants to stay deny their proposal is “amnesty” because it includes fines and other requirements.


Fewer than one in five Americans think all illegal immigrants — a group estimated at as many as 12 million, equal to the population of Ohio — should be deported. A similar number say they should be allowed to stay and work for a limited amount of time.

Instead, a significant majority, 63%, say there should be a way for illegal immigrants to stay here and become citizens if they meet certain requirements.

More than eight in 10 say those requirements should include:

•Having a job.
•Learning to speak English.
•Passing a health screening.
•Paying federal taxes due on past income.

Two-thirds say illegal immigrants should be required to have lived in the United States for at least five years and pay a fine for coming to the USA illegally.

More polling can be found here: The Pew Research Center and Polling Report.

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