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Monday, February 20, 2006

The Main Stream Media - Gasping for Breath

From the Post at Sister Toldjah, and the Media's hope to drag the Cheney accidental shooting out for yet another week, I couldn't help but add some comments of my own:

CNN’s Candy Crowley added: “The perception is that we’re whining.”

I am glad you see this perception, because it is striking how glaring OBVIOUS it seems to the public that you ARE whining.

On CNN’s RELIABLE SOURCES, WASHINGTON POST reporter Dana Milbank fretted that the White House is exploiting the public’s growing disdain for the mainstream media. “Of course they succeed,” Milbank said of Bush aides. “The press always looks awful. They will once again make us look awful.”

Buddy, you don't need any help in this.
The President nor his Aides share in any blame in forcing you to put your own feet in your mouth. You did quite well on your own.

On Meet the Press this morning, the roundtable that included Mary Matalin, David Gregory, Maureen Dowd, and Paul Gigot, discussed the importance, or lack of importance, of the Cheney hunting incident. David Gregory, the White House Press correspondent, apologized for the on and off camera fit he threw with Scott McCllelan, noting his wife made him do it. Matalin duked it out with both Gregory and Dowd at several points because the former noted the bias the press has towards this administration. Dowd kept trying to excuse that because they are so secretive, and David hid behind the “it’s my job” argument. Matalin, who finally got fed up with Gregory and the press hiding their bias, said that “you [the press] went on a jihad”. Thank you, somebody had to say it, and I am glad it was Mary Matalin.

Yes, Yes they did Mary, and I am so glad you called them on it.
See the video Here.

You are trying to blame the administration for YOUR bad reporting?

Isn't that rich.

Take some personal responsibility and realize that the MSM in the way it has been acting is completely out of touch with the main body of Americans.

This has become such a YAWN issue.
When Mr Whittington came out of the Hospital, all the theories of the tinfoil hat wearing Liberal Media were shot to hell.

Blaming someone for YOUR follies will just make you look even more like the whiney, pathetic, little kids you seem to have degenerated into.

If you try reporting the news in an unbiased manner your ratings might be better. But adding in some wanna-be SNL type tricks into your reporting just makes you look foolish and stupid.

By the way, if your going to do a mock parody of a hunter with orange caps and orange vests, take off the 3 piece suits cause it makes you look incredibly stupid. Begala please lose the orange baseball cap. I keep expecting to see a little propellor on top.


Did I miss something?
Did Vice President Cheney announce he is running for President?

What is with the Poll Numbers and do we really even care?

Expose the Left could not have said it any better than this after reporting on Neal Gabler completely losing his mind:

First it was Cheney was drunk, then it was Cheney is cheating on his wife with the ambassador to Switzerland, and now it’s he did it on purpose. Memo to the left, pick, choose, and stay with your conspiracy theories.

By the way, for Neal Gablers losing his mind, see the video here.

Where this moron (I must call him that, since the accusations he levels is so moronic - I wonder if Cheney can sue for slander?), goes on TV to say he thinks Cheney shot his friend ON PURPOSE. Yes, you heard me right. We have gone from Cheney being drunk, to cheatin gon his wife, to now shotting his friend ON PURPOSE.

And the Media wonders why we have a hard time taking them seriously.

Read what Expose the Left writes here:

Ok that’s it, Neal Gabler is officially insane. On last night’s edition of FOX News Watch, the “media critic” basically accused Cheney of shooting his friend, Harry Whillington on purpose to distract the public from the Abu Ghraib story. No mention that it is the media who starts these brouhahas and no mention of the Al Gore story that was subsequently squashed because of this incident. Yes, it would make perfect political sense that Cheney would shoot a man on purpose. First it was Cheney was drunk, then it was Cheney is cheating on his wife with the ambassador to Switzerland, and now it’s he did it on purpose. Memo to the left, pick, choose, and stay with your conspiracy theories.