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Friday, February 24, 2006

Censoring the hat

On Dancing with the Stars, Drew Lachey's antics shown on the East Coast but for the West Coast is cut away.

Drew Lachey and Cheryl Burke dance to “Save A Horse, Ride A Cowboy” for their freestyle dance. In perhaps the most original performance of the competition to date, Drew and Cheryl wow the crowd and the judges. Len Goodman calls it “everything freestyle should be.” Bruno Tonioli proclaims that Drew is “ready for the lead in Brokeback Mountain the Musical.”


At which time, the West Coast cut away as Drew Lachey took off his hat and covered his butt, which had the place roaring with laughter, but only the East Coast got to see it.

Afraid to see a hat on the butt West Coasters?

Obviously those who broadcast to you seem to think the West Coasters are overly sensitive that a hat covering a butt will offend everyone.

Drew Lachey Censored for West Coast Viewers

Drew Lachey nailed back-to-back perfect scores, but only half of the country got to witness all of his antics, as ABC deemed one comment Drew made too hot for West Coast viewers!

Lachey's reaction to Judge Bruno's "Brokeback" comment was censored on the West Coast. And when our Dayna Devon asked him to explain why the hat went where it went, Lachey responded, "I heard I've been edited."

From Access Hollywood:

A regretful Drew Lachey caused a controversy with his response to Judge Bruno Tonioli's remarks.

Bruno told Drew after his freestyle dance that the 98 Degrees star was "ready for the lead in 'Brokeback Mountain: The Musical!'"

Drew took the hat off dance partner Cheryl Burke's head and put it behind him.

"It was there," Drew said. "What else can I grab? She is not wearing anything else! I guess ABC, and their parent companies, don't find my humor as humorous as I do, so, maybe I need a cable show, not network!"

While Drew's response aired live on the East Coast, it was edited out on the West Coast.