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Monday, February 27, 2006

Music and Moods

Ever notice the feeling a real good song can give you?

It can lift you up...

It can make the hairs on your head and arms stand up...

It can make your muscles tight with energy...

I can make you feel alive and sharp...

How many songs do you know that can really do that to you?

I know of very few.

Granted my listening tastes have changed over the years to the point I now am a regular listener to Smooth Jazz and a mix of Country.

I came across Amy Lee some time ago, and if you do not know who she is, she is the Lead singer for Evanescence.

Now I am not big on everything they put out, but my favorites so far have been:

* Bring me to Life
* Going Under
* Everybody's Fool
* Imaginary

Not sure how you would classify it, but more of a Goth Rock.

For those that know me would surely find this strange for me, but I find myself drawn to these few songs. What I listed before on how a good song makes you feel, the first 2 songs can definately make my hair raise.

It is hard to describe just what a song can do to you.

For myself, music has always been around me in one fashion or another.

It affects my moods and how I think.
I listen to Classical and some Smooth Jazz and feel I can concentrate easier.
I listen to Classic Rock mainly just a few of the oldies I really enjoy.
I listen to very little Heavy Metal, and only when the mood hits.

Music, it transports you, makes you think, makes you feel...Depending on the Music.

Can't get that from TV.