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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Time to cut loose the corruption

It is time to get rid of the corruption that the Republicans know about in it's own party. If they want to flourish at all and set the example, they need to start expulsing those in the party that are corrupt. Make way for a better Generation of Republicans.

While Democrats are salivating and saying I told you so, don't be so quick to throw stones because the corruption in the Democrat's Party has been well documented also.

Cunningham pleaded guilty to accepting bribes from defense contractors and others in exchange for steering government contracts their way. They included a Rolls-Royce, a yacht, homes, travel, meals, Persian rugs valued at $40,000 each and various antique furnishings.

Among Cunningham's acquisitions was a 7,628-square-foot mansion in Rancho Santa Fe, one of America's wealthiest communities. Cunningham was ordered to forfeit his share of proceeds from the sale of the home, bought with the help of bribes from defense contractors, which sold in December for $2.6 million. The exact amount has not been determined, but is likely to be hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Cunningham, a Republican, represented San Diego-area districts for 15 years. The scale of his wrongdoing surpasses anything in the history of Congress, according to official Senate and House historians.


While the congressman was living the good life, "he was squandering precious tax dollars for, among other things, systems the military didn't ask for, didn't need and frequently didn't use," Halpern said.


Former Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham began his first day in prison after being sentenced to eight years and four months for taking $2.4 million in homes, yachts and other bribes in a corruption scheme unmatched in the annals of Congress.

Cunningham's sentence Friday was described by attorneys for both sides as the longest prison sentence ever given to a member of Congress. U.S. District Judge Larry Burns spared him the 10-year maximum after the defense asked for six years.

"Your honor I have ripped my life to shreds due to my actions, my actions that I did to myself," Cunningham said before the sentence was announced. He also asked to see his 91-year-old mother before going to prison.

Cunningham, 64, who resigned in disgrace late last year, was immediately taken into custody.

He was ordered to pay $1.8 million in restitution for back taxes. He also must forfeit an additional $1.85 million for cash bribes he received, plus the proceeds from the sale of his mansion. Burns said Cunningham must pay the restitution at a rate of $1,500 a month while in prison and $1,000 monthly when he's released.


"I think what you've done is you've undermined the opportunity that honest politicians have to do a good job," the judge said. "The amount of money involved emasculates prior bribery crimes."


Democrats have sought political advantage from Cunningham's indictment along with the corruption scandal involving disgraced Republican lobbyist Jack Abramoff.


Before Friday, the longest sentence imposed on a member of Congress in the past four decades were the eight-year terms imposed on both Rep. Mario Biaggi, D-N.Y. and James Traficant, D-Ohio, court documents show.


I bolded a portion of that, just as a reminder to the Democrats so they realize they are not free from corruption in thier own party either.

I hope this starts a new trend, both in Republicans and Democrats, in expelling the corrupt individuals in both parties.

We work our butts off, pay our taxes and try and make ends meet.

I feel like I have been stolen from.